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What is gelatine?

Gelatine is a pure form of natural protein and is derived from collagen found in cattle hides, bones and pigskin. It is tasteless, odourless, and almost colourless mixture of proteins that dissolves in hot water, but becomes a jelly when cooled, holding the water in a rubbery suspension. Gelatine is a food ingredient and not a food additive with an E-Number.
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Today’s consumers are more and more conscious about the components used in their daily products. The request for so-called “clean labelling” is growing. Gelatine as a natural foodstuff meets this demand perfectly. The composition of gelatine is roughly 84 – 90% protein, 1 – 2% mineral, salts and water make up the remainder. It does not contain any preservatives or other additives and is free of fat, cholesterol and purines (uric acid compounds).


Gelatine is a unique and valuable protein. However, it does not occur in nature as Gelatine. It begins as collagen.

Its unique characteristics give gelatine wide applications in the food industry where its functional properties are used to gel, thicken, stabilise, emulsify, binds, film and aerate. As it is a protein, it is also a very useful nutritive component. Gelatine is a natural organic product and nowadays gelatine is extensively used in the food industry, in households and in other branches of industry.

Gelatine is used in an ever-growing variety of applications, in almost every segment of the food industry. The gelatine industry has been intensifying its technological development since the 1950's. It has now achieved an extremely high standard in hygienic production and quality of its products through research and refinement over the past fifty years.


It is a fact that most commercially produced gelatine nowadays is derived from pigskin. Close to 50% of gelatine available in the world now is derived from pigskin and 80% of edible gelatine that comes from Europe is produced from pigskin. Halal is an Arabic word meaning 'permitted', 'lawful' or religiously appropriate. In Islam, halal covers all aspect of life including food. All the food groups are halal with the exception of meat which must meet certain criteria. Whatever not halal are haram.

For meat to be halal it must come from a permitted source and it must be slaughtered according to Islamic rites. Pigs, for example, are not a permitted source because they are considered 'impure' and so pork is not halal.

What is the problem with gelatine?

As gelatine is widely used in food preparation, it is of great concern to Muslims as it is extracted from the bones and skins of animals, usually cattle or pigs. These are by-products of meat production.   It is practically impossible to tell the source of gelatine just by looking at the food label whenever gelatine is listed in the ingredient list. None can tell if it is coming from cows (halal) or form pigs (haram), and if it is from cows no way it can be confirmed if the cow has been slaughtered in the correct (halal) manner. So a perfectly acceptable halal food like yoghurt can become unacceptable (haram) if it contains gelatine to thicken and set it.  But if the label spells out that it’s halal gelatine, then the buyer knows it’s fine for a halal diet.

Realizing the difficulties to get really halal gelatine from a reliable source faced by our brothers and sisters all over the world, has prompted us to start this little service to fulfill our fardhu kifayah responsibility.

We do hope our little effort will benefit our fellow Muslims all over the world. With that objective in mind, ABW Lestari was born. We are fully committed in making sure  the gelatine we supply is coming from a reliable source while maintaining its high hygeine standard throughout the process particularly the packaging process before sending the gelatine all over the world.

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Introducing HILAL GELATINE, the brand name of the halal gelatine supply by ABW Lestari. HILAL GELATINE is certified HALAL by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia, JAKIM (The Department of Malaysian Islamic Development) with referance number JAKIM(S)/22.00/492/2/1 026-07/2010

What is  hilal logo    Halal Gelatine Means To You
  • Real halal gelatine certified by JAKIM (Malaysia Halal Authority)
  • Food grade unflavoured gelatine with bloom strength of 150
  • Processed and manufactured in accordance with stringent Islamic syariah law
  • Using 100% halal animal (bovine) parts that were slaughtered by Muslims
  • Product of Muslim country and being prepared by Musllims
  • You can use it with full confidence
  • Hilal halal gelatine is reachable by everyone in the world through our website
  • Hilal halal gelatine is also having pleasent smell unlike other commonly available gelatine


HILAL GELATINE is a real halal gelatine with halal certification issued by JAKIM, a highly reputable Malaysian institution that Muslims all over the world can trust. Unlike other gelatine, HILAL GELATINE is a halal and hygenic product by Muslims for everyone and can be consumed with full confidence.


"O those who believe, eat of the good things We have provided you and be grateful to Allah, if (really) you are to worship Him alone. He has only forbidden you: carrion, blood, the flesh of swine and that upon which a name other than 'Allah' has been invoked. So whoever is compelled by necessity, neither seeking pleasure nor transgressing, then there is no sin on him. Verily, Allah is Most-Forgiving, Very-Merciful." (Al-Bakarah :172-173)

Gelatine in our daily food

Gelatine is very widely use in our daily meals. Its proven multifunctional ingredient with many applications in the food processing industry. When gelatine is a dominant ingredient in a food formulation, the product's marketing might include gelatine's health-promoting properties, which include:
  • Improving joint mobility
  • Improving bone firmness·
  • Stimulating the formation of cartilage
  • Improving firmness and elasticity of ligaments and tendons
  • Enhancing the formation of healthy skin and strong hair and nails
These are common daily meals containing gelatine:

  • Aspic products
  • Dairy products
  • Fruit gums
  • Ice cream
  • Low fat products
  • Marshmallows
  • Sausages
  • Spreads
  • Juices
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HALAL status of those food more often than not landed all of us in dilemma. The same goes to restaurants owners especially those having Muslim customers to serve. Those are our favourite food but at the same time, we are also worried about its halal status, and to make it worst, there is no way we may possibly verify the status, there's nothing mentioned on the label! What do we do? Make our own ice cream or jelly at home. Not all of us like that idea, even if we may do it ourselves, we will finally landed to the same fundamental problem. We still need to buy the gelatine and again there is no way one can tell the halal status of the gelatine unless they are properly labelled. The issue doesn't stop there. Halal certification issued by certain  countries are not fully perceived as genuine by certain quaters - can you see the problem that goes on in a circle.

The answer is
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Halal gelatine and halal food in general are prepared hygenically that it is good for your health
red tick Peace of mind and peaceful life, knowing for sure the status of the food consumed
red tick Your effort and strive to find halal gelatine or halal food is considered as "ibadah"
red tick Bring more "happiness" at home especially for those with family
red tick Help to generate a better economy for Muslim community around the globe
red tick As a way to thank Allah, the al-mighty, by obeying  Him (for not taking haram food)

Still Sceptical?

There is no reason for you have any doubt on the halal status of HILAL HALAL GELATINE. There is no reason for you to continue using gelatine products from a doubtful source (for it's hala status). Remember, Allah makes us accountable for what we consumed. Choose HILAL GELATINE. It is; 
  • Produced in a Muslim country
  • Produced in a 100% Muslim owned factory
  • Produced by 100% Muslim workforce
  • Produced only from cow or goat that are properly slaughtered according to Syariah law
  • Product is certified as HALAL by JAKIM, a highly reputable Malaysian halal certification body
  • And now, HILAL GELATINE is being distributed also by Muslims as our little service for the benefit of our brothers and sisters all over the world
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